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My name is Michelle Tennent and over recent years I have been working at my home studio in Cheshire. I have been using the medium of alcohol inks to create colourful pieces of work, some of which are displayed in a small shop near my home.


I work mainly with alcohol ink, however, more recently I have also been creating work using resin combined with pigments and other embellishments to create a more glossy and vibrant finish. Inspired by my travels in the west coast of Scotland and Barbados, most pieces of my work are influenced by landscapes and scenery that I have come across, however, I find the most interesting part of this medium is the fact that each piece of work is open to interpretation by the viewer. All of my products are hand painted, unique and sold exclusively so they are one of a kind, but if you would like to make a custom order then please contact me using the form below. I hope that you enjoy viewing my artwork as much as I have enjoyed making it!


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You will find a selection of my pieces at

Goostrey Home & Leisure

Goostrey Lane, Cranage, Cheshire CW4 8HE

Opening Times
10:00am - 4:00pm 7 days a week